About Us

We are inviting you to a unforgetable Blue Voyage Cruise along the Turkish Coast to witness the natural beauty and rich history of the Mediterranean & Aegean. We have gathered a professional and service-oriented crew and captains in order to deliver the blue cruise vacation that you expect.
As Yesil Marmaris aproaches a half-century experience in Blue Cruises along the Turkish Coast, we always targeted to heighten the satisfaction of our guests by combining the ever changing preferences of our guests and the developing new trends in yacht charter sector. You will always find our signature under every process phase in our own yachts which begin with planning and construction and after continue with renovations.
Gulets are hand-crafted by only few talented craftsmen and the construction of them require an extensive deal of effort and skill. These yachts are unique to the Aegean Region as they are internationally recognized as a seperate type of yacht due their durability, aestethic quality and the confort that they offer.
Together with our newly renovated yachts, our captains and crew await you to serve you an unforgetable holiday experience along the Turkish Coast.