The Lycian Coast

The ancient Lycia lies on the southern coast of Turkey, on the eastern part of Mugla City; combining with the regions of Antalya. The most popular route for the sailors; The Lycian Coast is hosting many ancient features dating back to 500BC. During your Blue Voyage you will have the change to visit many historical sites including but not limited to Kaunos, Tlos and Kayakoy village. This voyage covers half of Lycia Coast and combines a good balance between history, culture and natural coastal beauties like Iztuzu Beach ( Caretta Caretta ) and Oludeniz where the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean blends with the pine forests surronding the bays.

After breakfast in Kumlubuk , the next bay in the route is Ekincik.

At Ekincik you can book a trip to İztuzu Beach and a small trip to Dalyan Caunos Ruins.  Have a look at our blog on Dalyan Caunos and İztuzu Beach.

Kumlubuk Bay – Ekincik Bay : 16 nm

Estimated Travel Time : 4 Hours

In the early hours of the morning the captain will be well on the course to Butterfly Valley. The breakfast will be served on the way. There are 2 options for this destination. You may preffer to cut the route short and stay at Gemiler or continue to Butterfly Valley. There our representative will escort you to the Valley, Oludeniz Beach and Kayaköy. These three excursions are a full day trip. Instead you may preffer to settle at Gemiler Bay. Overnight at Gemiler.

Ekincik Bay to Butterfly Valley: 35 nm - Estimated Travel Time : 7 hours

Butterfly Valley to Gemiler Bay: 4,5 nm - Estimated Travel Time : 45 minutes

Gemiler to Küçük Kargı, visiting Eğri Çam. Overnight at Osmanağa Çeşmesi.

On the Day of the cruise we sail to Bedri Rahmi Bay and then to Sarsala Bay in the afternoon.

Gemiler to Bedri Rahmi : 16,5 nm

Bedri Rahmi to Sarsala : 2 nm

Sarsala – Batık Hamam : 2 nm - Batık Hamam – Merdivenli : 2 nm

Merdivenli – Güngörmez : 20 nm - Güngörmez – Cennet adası : 20 nm